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      1.      中文站   |   English   Quanzhou Red Hill Engineering & Machinery Co.,Ltd.   TEL: 0086-595-28050088


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        Quanzhou Red Hill Engineering& Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in the International Garden City—Quanzhou , Fujian Province. She is modern factory which is professional in developing, manufacturing and servicing, providing various high quality excavators and bulldozers components. Especially, accessory of excavators and bulldozers —undercarriage parts (Track Roller, Carrier Roller, Front Idler, Sprocket and Track Link,  Track Frames and all kind Hydraulic Cylinders). Its product quality …...

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        Quanzhou Red Hill Engineering & Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        ADD: No.6, Shunhe Road, Xiamei, Nanan, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China.

        TEL: 0086-0595-28050088 22526977      FAX: 0086-0595-28050068

        E-MAIL: sales@red-hill.cn

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